Remembrance of Things Past

Video Productions


The purpose of this page is to provide you with resources that can help you plan your Photo Memory Video and organize your photos and other materials. It contains three documents that we believe you will find helpful. If you need Adobe Reader, click the link at the bottom.

The first document is Tips Before You Start. We highly recommend you read this guide first. This guide gives you valuable information you should consider in planning your video.

The second is the Photo Memory Video Preparation Guide. This guide will step you through getting organized and planning your Photo Memory Video.

The third is a guide titled Scanning Your Photos. This guide will help you take advantage of our pre-scanned or digital photo discount. You should read this even if you are planning on paying a photo lab to put your photos onto a CD. Not all such labs do an equal job.

If you have read the descriptions of our packages (see the Packages page) here is a quick Package Comparison Chart.

The project Terms and Conditions form is provided for your information.