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Video Productions


Video Transfer Services

Video Transfer Services do not lend themselves to “Packages.” The transfer service pricing is based on a per-tape basis, with an assumed maximum of 2 hours of recording per tape. (Longer recording times will require a price adjustment.) The details of the delivery varies with the media you select, from playable DVD to digital video files suitable for social media.

Photo Memory Videos

We offer three levels of Photo Memory Video packages: Basic, Silver, and Gold.  None of our packages are merely slide shows.  All of our packages, from the least expensive to the most fully-featured, are hand-crafted.  Each photo is individually color enhanced (if needed), placed into the production one at a time, with its on-screen time individually adjusted. Each transition effect is individually selected for the mood or story that is being told taking into account the specific pictures and music at that point in the production. Each photo is synchronized with the music in the sound track.  All of our packages include an attractively labeled DCD, with your choice of a full color label or a silkscreen-quality LightScribe® labeled DVD.  Your DVD will be  in a display case.  Each package includes an opening title, closing message, additional titles or captions, and transitions between photos.

We do not produce anything that is “canned.”  Modern video software makes it easy to point it to your pictures, and BOOM, you have a slide show.  The software decides on which transition to use where, and how and where to pan or zoom.  This usually ends up looking like what it is: a random sequence of effects between images that appear and disappear completely oblivious and out-of-sync with the music and the mood.  But this kind of production is very quick and cheap to produce.  We do not make anything like that here.

The descriptions, below, contain all the detail, but here is a quick Package Comparison Chart.


This package provides a professionally produced video at an economical price. The Basic Photo Memory Video is available in 50, 100, 200, and 300 photo packages and will have a beginning title and an ending title.  You may select background music from our library, or you may provide your own background music from your own library (original retail CD’s only), or provide us with title and artist and we will attempt to purchase the song on your behalf. You may have up to 2 songs  for the 50 photo package, and 3 songs per 100 photos for the larger packages.

Your photos will be scanned at 1 megapixel resolution on a high end photo scanner, and will be color enhanced if they have faded. Transitions between photos will be a pleasing mix of dissolves, fades, and cuts.  Captions can be added to up to 5 of your photos, or you can have up to 5 additional title screens, or any combination totaling 5 for each 50 photos in your video.  The final DVD will play automatically upon loading in your DVD player (there is no menu).  Estimated playing time is 5 minutes for each 50 photos.   You may add pan and zoom as an option, which will also increase the scanning resolution to 2 megapixels.

Silver (Blu-ray optional)

The Silver Photo Memory Video has all features of the Basic, and adds DVD chapters and other features. The Silver Photo Memory Video is available in 50, 100, 200, and 300 photo packages. You may specify up to 2 DVD chapters for the 50 photo package and 3  chapters for each 100 photos for the larger packages, each with a title, so you can divide your Photo Memory Video into sections with separate themes (e.g. “His First Years”, “Starting School”, “Sports”).  You may have up to 2 songs for the 50 photo package, and 3 songs per 100 photos for the larger packages. Captions can be added to your photos, or you can have additional title screens beyond the chapter titles, or any combination of the two, totaling 5 captions/titles for each 50 photos in your video.

Pan and zoom is a standard part of the Silver package, and your photos will be scanned at a 2 megapixel resolution (4 MP for Blu-ray). Our producer will select from a greater variety of transition effects between photos, such as fades, dissolves, ripples, shapes, rolls and peels, consistent with good production values.  Color enhancement of older photos is included on all of our packages. You can choose to have a Hollywood-style menu. The menu can use a thumbnail image to illustrate each chapter’s content.

This package is ideal for wedding receptions, where you may want a chapter for the bride’s childhood, for the groom’s childhood, and for the couple together.  Estimated playing time is 5 minutes for each 50 photos.

Gold (Blu-ray optional)

The Gold Photo Memory Video will have all of the features of the Silver but with the Gold, you have so many customization options that you can truly “have it your way.” You can have as many chapters as you wish; you may put captions on as many photos as you wish or add as many titles as you wish; you can use as many songs as you wish; the DVD menu may have a motion background; and the DVD label may use one of your photos.

Your options with your photographs increase, too.  Photo scanning resolution is increased to a minimum of 3 megapixels (6 MP for Blu-ray).  You may specify custom editing instructions on the photos, such as simple montages (more than one photo on the screen at a time). Color enhancement of older photos is included. In addition to the effects of the Silver Package, dramatic and entertaining 3D or other special effect transitions are available to be used, consistent with the theme and content and consistent with good production values. You may select photos to use on the disc label and the case label insert.  With the Gold package, you can also optionally specify photo restoration services on a per-photo basis.  Photo restoration processing may include color rebalancing, brightness / contrast adjustments, scratch or wrinkle removal, tear repair, or editing “out” unwanted content. These changes are to the digitally scanned image only; your original photo is unchanged.