Remembrance of Things Past

Video Productions


Our productions are much more than simple family memory slide shows, or photo montages. These are entertaining video shows of your precious memories on DVD.

Our productions do not use automated software that builds a slide show from a list of photos. These programs make boring shows with no sense of mood or content. But, they make photo montages quickly and cheaply, allowing montages to be included as almost a give-away in some photographer’s or videographer’s packages.

With our productions, each photo is scanned with meticulous attention to cleanliness and quality. Each photo is color corrected, if necessary, and then put into the production by hand, individually. Its time on the screen is individually adjusted based on the music, the mood, and the subject. Transitions between photos are chosen based on the photo content, the music elements at the time, and the style of the video segment (for example, sentimental or humorous). Our pan and zoom effects are individually crafted per photo, taking into account the subject of the photo, the condition of the photo, and what has happened before and after this photo. Your video production will be entertaining and professionally constructed. It will bear no resemblance to either a boring slide show or to one of those automated zoom in-and-out montages.