Remembrance of Things Past

Video Productions


We are pleased to show you these sample Photo Memory Videos. Please note the benefits of a hand-crafted production in the use of effects, the music, and the use of pan and zoom – definitely NOT the canned upper-left-to-lower-right pan while zooming in kind of stuff you get from the automated software. We take extreme care to scan your photos with obsessive cleanliness, and to craft the effect for each photo to match the content of the photo, the music, and the mood of the production.

Remember, these are streaming videos. Your DVD will be much higher quality. The pixelization you see sometimes when a new photo appears is due to the low quality of the streaming video. If you have problems viewing these, please contact us for a sample CD.

These samples will work best with a high speed internet connection. If you do not have a high speed connection, please ask for a videoCD.

Wedding Samples



Anniversary Sample

Opening Chapter from a 25th Anniversary video

Opening Chapter from a 50th Anniversary video

Growing up or Graduation Sample


Other Samples