Remembrance of Things Past

Video Productions


Handcrafted, Professional Production

Unlike some studios, we do not make a big thing about our technology. We focus, instead, on the resulting production. We pride ourselves in producing an entertaining and emotional product that uses high technology but always follows professional production values. Anyone can buy technology, but an artistic eye and a professional touch are much more rare.

Our productions do not use automated software that builds a slide show from a list of photos. These programs make boring shows with no sense of mood or content. But, they make photo montages quickly and cheaply, allowing montages to be included as almost a give-away in some photographer’s or videographer’s packages.

With our productions, each photo is scanned with a meticulous attention to cleanliness, individually examined for needed color correction, and put into the production by hand, individually. Its time on the screen is individually adjusted based on the music, the mood, and the subject. Transitions between photos are chosen based on the photo content, the music elements at the time, and the style of the video segment (for example, sentimental or humorous). Pan and zoom effects are are individually crafted per photo, taking into account the subject of the photo, the condition of the photo, and what has happened before and after this photo. Your video production will be entertaining and professionally constructed. It will bear no resemblance to either a boring slide show or to one of those automated zoom in-and-out montages.


Your DVD

Your DVD is delivered with an attractive theme-appropriate label in an attractively labeled protective case.   For the DVD label, you may choose between a full-color label or a laser-inscribed silkscreen quality monochrome label on LightScribe® DVDs.  With Gold packages you may select a photo for the disc label and a photo for the case label.

Chapters and Menus

Silver packages and up include DVD chapters and menus. Chapters are usually used to designate the different sections of your Photo Memory Video. Menus are how you can select a particular chapter to play with your DVD player. You may specify that your chapter divisions be anywhere you want them, and you may specify how they are to be labeled. You may specify that the menu use thumbnail images from your photos. If you make no selection, we will use an attractive graphic-style button. Gold level and up packages may have a motion background for the menu. You may select which song from your sound track you want to be playing while your menu is on the screen. If you make no selection, we will choose a pleasing musical loop.

Opening and Closing Titles

All of our packages include an opening and closing title. The background for the titles will be a graphic or picture appropriate to the theme. Your titles may say anything you wish them to say. Typically, the closing title will be more of a farewell message.

Photo Captions

All of our packages include captioning on your photos. A photo caption can be used to identify people in the photo, or to identity the event, the date, or any other information or message you wish to convey. The “caption” can be a separate title screen if you wish.


Your Photos

Color Restoration

All packages include color restoration on each photo that can benefit from it. Color restoration is very effective in renewing the vibrant colors that have faded and in removing the color cast that is common on older photographs. The color cast, color saturation, and contrast of each photo is individually examined and the color cast is corrected, saturation and contrast improved if, in the judgment of our technician, it will benefit the photo. If the photo requires more extensive restoration, that is available as an optional service.

Photo Restoration

More extensive than color restoration, this service includes such things as repair of tears, correcting of overexposed or underexposed photos, removing stains or scratches, correction of other lighting problems, such as lens flare, editing out unwanted people or background items, or more sophisticated photo “creations” based on elements in your original photos. What is possible may be limited by the condition of your original photo. Poorly focused or severely underexposed or overexposed images may be only marginally improved by digital processing, for example. This service is available as an option in all packages.

Pan & Zoom

All packages can include the Pan & Zoom feature. It is optional on Basic, and standard on Silver and Gold. This effect adds motion to your still photos. It is a very effective technique for keeping your audience interested and entertained. As with the 3D effects, we will make use of this feature to maximum effect consistent with good production values. Of course, overuse or careless use of this effect can be more annoying to your audience than entertaining. Beware of studios that offer this effect standard in their lowest cost videos, since that may be an indicator that they use software to automatically add pan and zoom, which will result in seemingly pointless zooming into parts of the photo determined by software. Doing pan and zoom properly requires individual attention to each photo and to the photos and other effects surrounding it. Pan and zoom is hand-crafted into our productions. We believe this is essential.

3D Special Effects

Gold packages include 3D special effects transitions. These effects, produced by specially designed computer software, add interest and keep your audience entertained. We will make use of them to their maximum effect. But the key to the use of these kinds of transitions is not the quantity of their use, but how and where they are used. Overuse of these kinds of effects will be distracting rather than entertaining. We will use them consistent with good production values and ensure that the effects themselves do not become the show.

None of our packages are merely slide shows.  All of our packages, from the least expensive to the most fully-featured, are hand-crafted.  Each photo is individually color enhanced (if needed), placed into the production one at a time, with its on-screen time individually adjusted. Each transition effect is individually selected for the mood or story that is being told taking into account the specific pictures and music at that point in the production. Each photo is synchronized with the music in the sound track.

We do not produce anything that is “canned.”  Modern video software makes it easy to point it to your pictures, and BOOM, you have a slide show.  The software decides on which transition to use where and how and where to pan or zoom.  This usually ends up looking like what it is: a random sequence of effects between images that appear and disappear completely oblivious and out-of-sync with the music and the mood.  But this kind of production is very quick and cheap to produce.  We do not make anything like that here.