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Are your memories fading away?

No, I’m not talking about having more senior moments. I’m talking about all those family memories you have on video tape. The VCR is now over 30 years old, with the original VHS and Beta camcorders almost as old, meaning some of your family movies may be 25 or more years old now.

Fortunately, video tape is reasonably durable. But, that assumes the recording was good to begin with (you DID always use SP speed, didn’t you?) and that you have stored them reasonably well (protected from heat, temperature swings, etc.). Poorly stored tapes, or tapes recorded in SLP (also called EP) mode may have already suffered significant damage due to the original recording mode and/or storage conditions. Even well protected VHS recordings will start to degrade after a decade or so. But, “start to degrade” does not mean all is lost. Chances are your home movies are still in reasonably good condition.

Even so … do you even OWN a VCR anymore (or at least one that works)?

Wouldn’t you like to have your home movies converted to a modern format? Wouldn’t you like them converted to a form you can play on your modern devices?

We can do that for you.

We can convert VHS, VHS-C, SVHS, SVHS-C, Video8, Hi8, Betamax, and Super Beta analog tapes to digital and from there convert it to whatever media or format you want from DVD to MP4. We can also transfer your digital media, including miniDV and Digital8 tapes, as well as flash memory cards or most other digital media, to a form that is more useful or convenient to you.

The, clearly, the hard part is dealing with old analog recordings. We have professional level playback and analog to digital conversion equipment, as well as video processing equipment in both the analog and digital domain to stabilize the video, adjust color, saturation, and tint, and reduce camera hand-shake. While we cannot perform miracles with severely degraded videos, (or very shaky videos) we are prepared to deal with the normal issues found in old analog video recordings.

We are local to the Twin Cities, so there is no need to send your precious tapes through the mail. We are always available to meet with you face-to-face to discuss your project. And, unlike other commercial tape conversion businesses, we will keep your conversion footage in DV digital codec for at least 2 years, and keep all of your videos in MPEG2 (DVD quality) compressed form for at least 5 years (longer upon written request). None of this costs you extra.

And, all for a very reasonable price. Call or email to discuss pricing.

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