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What is Craftsmanship and Why is it Important?

We specialize in translating memories into beautiful, entertaining, and dynamic videos. I’ve been doing this from the days of all analog video technology to today’s high definition and computer-driven world. Whether using analog video tape editing equipment 15 years ago or quad-core computers today, each project has always had craftsmanship as a pillar. So, with all of the computer automation available today, why is craftsmanship important?

Craftsmanship is performing each step of the project with precision. Whether scanning the photos, restoring color to the photos, repairing blemished or damaged photos, placing the sound track, positioning the pictures in the timeline, adding transitions, titles, and effects, burning the DVD, or creating the labels, each step is performed carefully, and with individual hands-on attention.

Craftsmen follow the steps when working on a project. They use precision and exact timing. A craftsman will conduct a project based on a plan, will execute the project with patience, and will carry out the tasks with accuracy.  Each step will be finished before going on to the next step. A craftsman will finish the Finish. A craftsman does not believe in “good enough”.

Everything we do is unique and custom made to order, handcrafted with quality and fine workmanship. The technology is wonderful as a tool set, but tools must be used with craftsmanship.

You can order one of our standard packages, or individualize it to your requirements. We can work together to create a custom video that suits your needs, event, audience, playing time, taste, and budget. All carried out with the latest technology, for sure, but the real key is it will be carried out with craftsmanship.

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