Remembrance of Things Past

Video Productions


We offer professionally produced videos in two categories.

Photo Memory Videos

We scan your photos, negatives, slides, and documents, and incorporate your digital photos and video clips, into an entertaining production or keepsake. Popular at wedding receptions, but also used at graduation parties, birthdays, and anniversaries, or any other event where you want to memorialize or honor someone.

Transfers to Digital Media

We can convert VHS, VHS-C, SVHS, SVHS-C, Video8, Hi8, Betamax, and SuperBetamax analog tapes to digital, and transfer digital video from miniDV and Digital8 tapes, or from your flash memory cards or DVDs, and from there convert it to whatever media or format you want from DVD to MP4, playable on your gadgets and up-loadable to social media. See the post “Are Your Memories Fading Away” in my blog for more details.

Please browse around the site to see what we offer and view examples of some of our previous projects.  If we can be of service or answer any questions about our services or prices, please give is a call at 612-749-4031 or send us an email at

Now Offering Blu-ray!

Now offering your Photo Memory Video on Blu-ray! Our Blu-ray packages include even higher resolution scanning of your photos, and they present your photos in full high definition on screen! Blu-ray will not only improve the presentation of your photos, but will take maximum advantage of your own digital photos!

Not Just A Slide Show!

Our productions are more than just slide shows.  We provide a entertaining, professionally produced video on DVD or Blu-ray.  Each production is completely hand-crafted with great care given to the cleanliness of our photo scanner and to your photos.  The production itself is also hand-crafted.  Each photo is individually placed in the time-line of the video, individually synchronized with the beat and phrasing of the music, and with its on-screen time individually adjusted according to the music and the pacing of the production.  Our package pricing includes everything you need. There are rarely any extra charges.  Our options are clearly identified and are your choice.  We include meticulous and dust-free high-resolution scanning of all of your photos and we won’t nickle-and-dime you with extra charges if you have a few extra photos you want to include.  We include color restoration of faded photos as standard. You never have to pay for that.  We also include minor photo restoration to remove scratches or small blemishes in your photos.  (If a photo would benefit from major restoration, we will discuss that with you.)  In the end, you will have your photo memories preserved on a DVD in a professionally produced video, not a cookie-cutter slide show or photo montage.  Yet, with all of this, our pricing is competitive.  Give us a call or send us an email.  You won’t be disappointed.